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Hollis and Scrivener

Vivienne Hollis & Tony Scrivener present 'BLOODLINES', a series of exhibitions about their own personal experiences with death from a young age. The first one will begin with 'Bloodlines: 1970'. An inquest into the lives and histories of both sets of parents who were all alive at that time. Tony's parents had just met whilst Vivienne's parents were as yet unaware of each others existence.

Bloodlines is a flamboyant and expressive series of exhibitions, firstly documenting the earlier characters of their parents, synthesised with the world and culture around them.

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Collaboration with Veronica Rowlands

Most of you will have heard of, and maybe use Pinterest. Quite some time ago I became an obsessive fan of curating my own little boards, and sourcing out wonderfully evocative images to create my own special little worlds on the site. One of those early images I came across was an utterly delightful illustration by Fashion Illustrator and Artist, Veronica Rowlands - ‘Space Doll and Dapper Frog’:

I then sourced Veronica’s work through Facebook, and in truth I became a bit of a social media stalker, eagerly waiting to see more of her beautiful work.

In June 2013 I visited the Alma Street Fair in Kentish Town. It was a pretty miserable day, with all the exhibitor’s frantically trying to tame their stalls from the windy, drab weather. But amongst all the chaos, was a stall with the very same exotic looking illustrations. I paused, looked up and asked “Are you Veronica?” to which the lady behind the table said “yes”, and it was then that I had to confess my stalking activities! I am delighted to say that I am now the proud owner of one of her fashion doll illustrations.

From that moment on we stayed in touch. Earlier in 2014 I asked Veronica if she would like to join a London based group I set up for London based artists that would like to find other artists and makers to exhibit with. She accepted, and also asked if I would be interested in working on a project with her. Of course I was delighted at this suggestion.

Since then, we have had two meetings to discuss a joint exhibition. We are actually going to be making a piece of work together, as well as having our own individual pieces on show.

More details of our joint venture to be announced soon.

About Veronica’s work

Veronica Rowlands is a playful and exuberant London based Artist

Her style of drawing represents a form of escapism and spontaneity. She started to create collections of vintage dolls adorned in contemporary attire and random objects which had become indented on her subconscious, let free onto the paper. Spontaneity is the main ethos for her work. The immediacy gives it a sense of pure honesty.

The inspiration for Rowland’s work stemmed from London’s museums, where she discovered a special collection of unusual vintage toys and miscellaneous objects. To each character she creates from initial sketches, she adds a contemporary twist, painstakingly experimenting with a range of flamboyant colours and adorning her creations with edgy current trends. The result is somewhat fantastic and surreal, yet singularly quirky and appealing.

In recent works she applies layers of gesso over her drawings, building up the illustration, reviving past ideas and adding intricate details, collaged sketches, subsequently painted over in acrylic, pastel and gesso. A nostalgic and vaguely ghostly image starts to take form leaving the transitional process apparent in the final work. She also works with ink, collage and digital media when creating work.

She invites viewers to allow her work to be appreciated also as form of therapy – something an individual can participate in or an act which they would find enjoyable as a child e.g. making a daisy chain or drawing as a child would, or producing a naively drawn character such as a fairy or doll, allowing release of the “inner child” and a free reign to the subconscious psyche and imagination. ‘Once in a Dream’, below, describes this process perfectly:

Veronica’s website and blog:

Veronica’s social media:


Artists Who ... Present 'Tryptych'

Details of the third show by London based Art Collective Artists Who ... is due to be announced soon.
The exhibition will be held in 2015. Featuring: Vivienne Hollis, Tony Scrivener, Helena Carrizosa, Zoe Landau Konson and Michael Young.


Vivienne Hollis

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour

- William Blake, from ‘Auguries of Innocence’

Imagination and emotions of nostalgia provide the basis of all my work and from a young age I have been compelled to work in intricate detail. The narrative behind each work often involves memory and reactions to life experience.

Each is a lengthy process of contemplation and concentration in a fragmented way with ideas and expression. This reveals itself through a multitude of concentric circles and networks, the circles can be likened to minute cells, with the nucleus of each cell telling a story, acting as microscopic representatives for the macroscopic events that shape each of us as individuals, and as a whole.

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